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Back Door Secrets 2-Rapid Debt Reduction

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“the Colonel”

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

Back Door Secrets 2-Rapid Debt Reduction Revealed!


Fair Warning:  


What I am about to reveal to you here goes against  

 everything you have ever learned about money and wealth,

 and yet it has the potential to change your financial life and the

 financial lives of your siblings for generations to come!


For quite some time now, I have been conducting workshops on "How-2 Buy Stocks Likes The Pros!" However, during these workshops, I began to realized that some of my clients were having some major debt issues, especially in the areas of Credit Card Debt, Auto Loan Debt, Student Loan Debt, Tax Debt and of course almost everyone who owned a home had a hefty mortgage.


Apparently my stock buying clients were hoping to earn enough money from their stock investments to pay off their debt quickly—investing in stocks, generally speaking, is far more for the long term investor.  Day trading is not something I know much about or practice.  


And because of the debt issues that most people are facing, (78% of all American's are living Paycheck-2-Paycheck), there has NOT been a great deal of interest in investing in stocks of late.  Although I still teach stock investing workshops, and yes, I still think that a good knowledge of investing in stocks is quite valuable, but I do understand that the most critical issue for most people today is debt! It is for that reason that I have reduced my stock investing workshops and are now dedicating most of my Zoom Workshop time teaching my Back Door Secrets Rapid Debt Reduction Techniques and Strategies


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So your first question should be:  What qualifies me to teach Rapid Debt Reduction Techniques and Strategies!  


Answer: Even though I have always had a relatively high income throughout my working lifetime, I have lived from Paycheck-2-Paycheck for most of my adult life! Excessive Debt, for a very long time, was no stranger to me! A typical month for me went something like this:  


My monthly paycheck took me from the 1st of the month to about the 18th of the month. This allowed me to make my house payment and buy a few basics. Out of necessity, I began studying the concept of multiply streams of income.  I developed several different income streams. Only two began to work!  By combining these two extra streams of income I was able to pay for my son's school tuition, (he attended private school from first grade until he received a BA in Psychology from Chapman U.), and I was also finally able to get through the end of the month.  But I was still living from paycheck-2-paycheck!

Even though I was now able to survive, just surviving was no longer how I saw myself.  I had come to realize that "money" didn't care whose hands it fell in.  It's the only thing in America that is "truly color blind!"  

Then just before the 2008 financial crash, I had incurred $30,000 debt that I needed to pay-off, fast! I started looking around to find a bank that would lend me the money. Their response, "Your credit is fine, but your mortgage is killing you!" I could have possible refinanced my house and taken some money out, but there was not enough time!  So I kept looking!  

During my search, I lucked, (although I don't think it was luck)*, upon a crazy solution that put the money in my hands within days!  My problem was solved!  I paid off the $30,000 debt, and all was well!  I soon forgot all about the process I went through to get the money!  But my overall situation had not improved much, and I was still living from paycheck-2-paycheck.  


About six years later I came upon another money situation where I needed $25,000 fast.  Again I called on several banks. Their response was about the same as before, "Your credit is fine, but your mortgage is killing you!" But because of what they said, I was reminded of the money situation that I had faced about six (6) years earlier.  I decided to try the same thing I did before.  Within days I had the money I needed in my hands, and my problem was solved, Again!


But this time, I wanted to get a better understanding of how this money thing worked. I started during some research. I called several financial planners, and they all thought I was crazy!  They had never heard anything about what I was talking about! 


I then called the folks who had sent me the money in the first place and asked them to explain precisely how they were able to send me that money without even asking me about my credit or for an application.  There was nothing involved other than my request that they send me the money.  All I had to do was deposit the check!  Crazy! 


The process had been explained to me before, (to a certain extent), but at that time, I was only interested in getting the money, FAST!  But during my re-look, a light came on!  I quickly realized that the guy I was talking to had only a limited knowledge of the program he was trying to explain.  I thanked him and headed to Youtube!


Man, I love youtube During the early stages of my research, I came across a man named Nelson Nash. This guy quickly became my hero! He was definitely a back door kinda guy! He firmly believed our education system was far more of an indoctrination system than an education system.  

That alone struck a nerve with me!  When my son first told me that he wanted to go to Chapman University, I clearly remember telling him that I would do all I could to support him and pay the bills. But I also told him that I wanted him to be sure he left Chapman U. with an education and not the typical indoctrination that most Colleges and Universities provide it's students.  I know they tried like hell to indoctrinate my son as they did me when I was in College.  The Hell With That!  But in general that's the way our school system rolls. Fournately my son would have none of that!

For some time, I through that my son may have take my comments more literally than I wanted him to. This joker has been living so far outside the box that I often wonder if he ever knew that a box existed. 


During the early stages of COVID - 19 I told him to be sure to practice social distancing.  His response: "Hell, dad, I have been practicing social distancing all my life!" My answer: Yep! It would be nice to see you a bit more often! 


I Continued Studying Nelson Nash and His Work!

I continued to study Nelson Nash and several others who were his students and who have also been exploring money and debt.  After about one hundred plus hours (100) of late-night study and research, I began to realize that this debt reduction thing was real.  And after another 50 hours or so I realized that I had struck Gold!  I also knew it was real because of the two checks I had gotten years before simply by asking the right people!


As I continued my research, I came upon some fascinating findings. What I learned was that (and this will sound crazy to most of you), the most effective way of getting out of debt, barring winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance, is through the use of OPM (Other People's Money)!  Get into debt to get out of debt! Sounds Crazy, Right!  Well, that's what the banks have been doing since their beginning, why not you and me!


What I realized is that:


I Had Entered The Back 

Door And Became My Own Bank!


All of a sudden it hit me.  I had lucked upon becoming my bank!  I realized that all that time and research had paid off.  But I also realized that the way I had set up my bank limited me from becoming the best bank that I now know I could have become, aka a Lack of knowledge (also known as a financial killer)!  But as Dr. Napoleon so famously said: 


 "Every adversity, every headache

carries with it an equal or greater benefit." -

Dr. Napoleon Hill, (Think and Grow Rich)


Oftentimes, short-term failures are the price we have to pay for long-term success. In this case, my family have benefitted greatly and if you stay with me, so will you and your family! 


Allow me to be your financial tour guide!  During your tour with me I am going to teach you How 2-Rapidly Pay-Off Debt and if you chose, I am going to teach you how to "Become Your Own Bank!"  


I have become a master at using OPM, (Others People's Money) to get out of debt and build wealth, and this is what I will be teaching those who are willing to learn some of my Back Door Secret Techniques and Strategies about how money works and how we can make it work for us!  And even more critical for those who want to set up their bank, I am going to show you how to accomplish that with the use of OPM, (Other People's Money), what a beautiful thing!

I Am Not Offering You A Silver Bullet!

Let me be clear, what I am offering to teach you is not a "Silver Bullet," but it is the closest thing to a "Rapid Debt Reduction Silver Bullet" that you have ever seen. And as for becoming your own bank, this in the long run, may even be better than the bank down the street. But if you are somewhat skeptical, I understand! In my case, this knowledge had to wrap itself around my ears and almost trust itself down my throat before I became convinced that it could work, and this was after it had already worked for me, not just once but twiceMan, I was never this slow in the military! Thank God!


But now I am willing to bet my reputation on the results that you can achieve by using these techniques and strategies, and that's what I want for you.  


"That which you love will reveal itself to you."

 - Dr. George Washington Carver


And I got news for you! Many say that the love of money is the route of all evil!  Well, you best dam well believe that if you don't love your money you need not worry because everyone else that you know and even those whom you don't know loves your money!


Let me tell you one painful secret:  The absolute only reason why 78% of American's are living paycheck-2-paycheck is because they have failed to learn the laws that govern wealth or they have failed to follow them!  But here is the silver lining:  It's not too late!  I can teach you how to change their financial situation and began their journey to financial success and freedom! 


You can learn these techniques and strategies on your own.  And if that's your choice, that's fine with me!  But be forewarned, it has taken me many long and painstaking hours to learn what I now know about this process, and frankly, there is still much more that I seek to know and understand.  So, if you are willing to devote the time to learn these techniques and strategies on your own, go for it!  But if you would instead wish to roll along with us, join our free intro to debt reduction workshop and take a peak! 

And for those of you who are disciplined enough to apply and continue applying the technique and strategies I will teach you, becoming Debt Free for you is an absolute certainty!  And for those of you who are disciplined enough and devoted enough and want to strive for the attainment of Long Term Wealth for yourself and your family, well, as an old army colonel, I would say, Follow Me! 


You may be thinking:  But what if it don't work!  What you should be thinking:  But what if it does work!  Fear is a big thing for most people.   But as that same old army colonel once told me, "Dowdy, it's O. K. to have butterflies in your stomach but you must learn to get them to fly in formation, otherwise when you look back, your flock will have vanished!"  If it sounds like I loved that old Colonel, I did, still do!


"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But 

I  can't accept not trying." - Michael Jordon 


Consider this:


In order to learn how to swim, one must get into the

water and risk drowning before one can truly learn how to swim! 


The secret to wealth requires that you understand money and learn how to use OPM, (Others People's Money) to Rapidly Payoff Debt and Build Wealth.

All Of This Has To Be Hard To Believe!

Yep! I know all this sounds hard to believe! I understand! What I am writing about are well-kept secrets that wealthy people worldwide have taken great pains to protect and keep from the masses. I equate it to the painstaking efforts that America made to keep slaves from learning to read and the same painstaking efforts America has taken to keep blacks from receiving a good education. The more you know, the less you can be lead or influenced! Right!  


The power of positioning!

You may remember the hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, when asked why he was so dominant in hockey. His response was, "I learned early on that I needed to skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been." In other words, Wayne knew the secret.  He knew how to position himself.  

What about the world's best known NFL wide receiver, Jerry Rice. Jerry, when asked, how he was able to catch so many passes. His response was this: "I just learned to position myself to where the ball was going to fall and waited until it arrived." Again, all about positioning!  


Why am I saying this: There is little success without positioning! Don't be afraid of your debt. But it would help if you learned to use your debt in such a manner that it serves you. In my case, my debt led me to become financially free. My past debt is why I can offer you the benefit of my growing pains.  


Something my son told me a few years ago! He had moved to San Diago, Ca. for a Job, (not to my liking, but I supported him anyway). Shortly after arriving in San Diego, he told me that he landed a job with a company that provided support to kids with Autism. He told me that they threw him into a situation where they appeared convinced that he would fail. He said it was like throwing a lame sheep into a pack of wolves. He told me that after about three months, he emerged as the Wolf Pack King! I laughed! I had always taught him to scrutinize everything, look at everything closely, and its secrets would reveal themselves to him. He said that the experiences he gained in San Diego have been responsible for him being able to dedicate his paycheck every since!  Visit him @ MRCBA.ORG.


Remember what old George said,


"That which you love will reveal itself to you."

 - Dr. George Washington Carver

My son's story had a special meaning for me. As I said before, I am a retired U. S. Army Officer with 20 plus years of service. During that time, you can dam well bet that I was thrown into a pack of wolves more than a few times, and in a few cases, I knew no-one expected me to emerge/survive. But, I did, every time! And there was a reason for it. Success in all areas of life is only a matter of positioning.  


Point being: 

I can teach you how to position yourself in

such a way that you never have to worry about debt again!


Remember: There is Good Debt and Bad Debt. Good debt makes you wealthy! Bad debt makes someone else wealthy! If you want to be wealthy, you need to understand that!  I finally learned to become a "user of money," and not a "victim of it!" Money, like a hammer or an ax, is a tool, and you must learn to use it as such! Let me teach you how to use your money to propel yourself to your desired finish line!


The Catch Is This: This is not an overnight process, and depending on how much debt you have (along with several other factors), will determine how long it will take you to get out of debt! The bigger question is this: If you continue doing whatever it is you have been doing, how long will it take you to get out of debt!


Everyone can win with this program, BUT not everyone will. Discipline is an absolute necessity! And in many cases, you will have to continue doing what we teach for quite some time.  However, once you see how effective these techniques and strategies are at rapidly reducing your debt it would take more than a herd of elephants to pull you away! 


What I am telling you that the technique and strategies that we teach if followed, can reduce the time it will take you to pay off your debt by 1/3 and, in some cases, even less. And the bigger the debt, the better results you will see! 


The Principal Amount of Your Debt Has To Be Paid!

I cannot teach you how to save money on the principal amount that you owe. The secret lies in the amount of INTEREST you will NOT BE PAYING when you use the techniques and strategies that I will teach you. And if you decide to become your bank, you will be able to earn a guaranteed interest rate on your money even while you are using it. 


Did you get that:  You will be able to earn a guaranteed interest rate on your money even while you are using it.  CALL ME CRAZY IF YOU LIKE! But get this:  If you are not already operating as your own bank, there is a lot about money that "You Don't Know!"


Check this out: 

John D. Rockefeller Knew The Secret  

Now entering its seventh generation with as many as 170 heirs, the Rockefeller family has maintained substantial wealth  — they had an $11 billion fortune in 2016, according to Forbes. ... There are now over 250 members of the family who are direct descendants of John D. Rockefeller and Laura Spelman Rockefeller. How has this been possible! Rockefeller became his own bank and taught as many of his siblings and family members how to become their bank and so on and so on!


Why So Much Talk About Interest!

Paying Interest and taxes is what 

keeps American’s living paycheck-2-paycheck!

According to research, the average American will pay approximately 39% of the after-tax income they receive over their lifetime in interest payments. Add in the taxes that we all pay and what's left is what we have to live on.  It's no wonder that we are living paycheck-2-paycheck!  SUPPOSE you could reduce that amount by just 10%!  Well, what I am telling you is this: The techniques and strategies that I am going to teach you will help you reduce the amount of interest you pay by a hell-of-a-lot more than just 10%. Excuse my language!  Remember: I am an old school U. S. Army, Officer.  


FREE ZOOM Workshop

We invited to join our FREE ZOOM Workshop as indicated below, (if you are interested, please CONTACT US and be sure to put FREE Workshop in the subject block)! Remember: The money game is just like football or hockey, and in every case, the winners are the ones who understand how to position themselves.   


Beginning Monday, Sept 14, 2020, we will start conducting FREE Zoom Workshops on How 2 Rapidly Reduce Your Debt Reduction and Build Long Term Wealth! 


Our Zoom Workshop Schedule is as follows






"the Colonel"

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)


PS: According to Experian's 2019 Consumer Debt Study, the total consumer debt in the U.S. is at $14.1 trillion, with Americans carrying an average personal debt of $90,460Mar 23, 2020. Student loan debt has soared from $260 billion in 2004 to $1.4 trillion in 2017; the average debt jumped from $18,650 to $38,000 over that same period, and the number of people over 60 with student loan debt has quadrupled in the last decade from 700,000 to 2.8 million.  


PPS: Student loan debt in 2020 is now $1.56 trillion in the United States, with borrowers on average owing $37,172 in debt. Graduates of the most recent class of students leave college with $29,200 in student loans. Student loan debt is the second-largest class of consumer debt behind mortgage debt. 


I recently asked my granddaughter how much student loan debt she had.   She informed me that she owed upwards of $80,000 in student loans, and I almost fainted! But then I remembered how much my son's four (4 year ) tuition was to attend Chapman University; Orange Ca. (Just short of $300,000). Fortunately, his mother and I were able to make his last payment within a month or so of his graduation.  

But, I knew that I had to help my granddaughter get her life back! How can a young person ever expect to pay off that much debt in their lifetime on an average salary of just $60,000 per year? Is this America! Yep, last I checked!  SAD!


PPPS: Don't get me wrong, I know that many of you are already debt-free, but I am willing to bet that you don't know anything about the techniques and strategies that I will teach you about Using OPM to Build Long Term Wealth. I am also willing to bet that you have family members who are still struggling with debt. Remember, the techniques and strategies that we teach works with all types of debt, including Credit Card Debt, Car Loan Debt, Students Loan Debt, and Home Mortgage Debt. 


Other Services:

MRCBA.ORG - (The big guy you see there, wearing sunshades) is my son). The MRC Behavioral Academy serves individuals with various special needs, and developmental disabilities, with the intent to empower each individual and foster independence while ensuring the most favorable therapeutic setting. My sone says that they are a personalized program built with the consumer in mind. Contact him and let know him that his dad sent you! 


Note: My son recently informed me that he needs to buy two 3 or 4 bedroom houses for several of his soon to be adult clients capable of living and operating with minimal supervision. If you are aware of anyone who has a 3 or 4 bedroom house for sale in the Long Beach, Ca area, please let us know! We offer a $500 referral fee if we close on a property you referred to us! Contact Us!


ALSO:  As a lover of name brand sneakers, my son tells me that he can get you any brand of sneakers you want. I don't know about that, but I do know that I never run out of sneakers! Contact him (be sure to tell him that his dad sent you, that will get you his best deal), maybe, I hope!  Contact Him!


I can't remember if I said it earlier, but I am a firm believer in having Multiple Streams of Income, and this is what I have been doing as well as teaching my siblings, friends and hundreds of others. Some experts say seven streams is best. I don" know, but at last count, I had seven (7) streams. And considering that I still work only about ten (18) hours per week, (not counting my wife's honey-do list).  How much shit can anyone do to a 2BR, 2BA Condo!  


Following is a list of the areas that I spend most of my time in (after my 1st & 2nd retirement I created several new income producing plans):


Plan B:  Legal Shield!  Legal & ID Theft Plans for families and businesses, serving the U.S, Canada, and the UK! - (Great Company, Great Products / Services) My choice as the best business opportunity of the 21st Century). 


Plan C:  #1 players in the CBD product industry, (Both and my Daughter work with me in this business)! 


Plan D: Real Estate Investor / (From Foreclosure 2-Landlord)! 


Both my daughter and my son work with me in each or the above areas but my son has added a couple of his own income plans:  


Plan A: MRCBA.ORG - The MRC Behavior Academy - (This appears to be a labor of love for him) Serving individuals and families with special needs!  PS:  He tells me that he needs to buy two 3-4 bedroom houses in the Long Beach and South Bay areas for some of his adult clients that is ready to live on their own with minimal supervision, if you know of someone who is looking to sell please let us know!  We will pay up to $1,000 if we can work a deal with them!  Contact US!


Plan B:  Also my son, tells me that he can find any brand name sneakers on the planet, Contact Him!