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"Back Door Conversations With People of Color"


"Our acts can be no wiser than our throughs." - George S. Clason

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Beginning in July 2020, we will start hosting by-weekly conversations with anyone and everyone who wish to try and better understand the problems of racism and prejudice in America and the world. 

By-weekly sessions will be conducted on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Monday of each month, beginning at 5 PM Pacific Time

All "Back Door Conversations With People Of Color" will be conducted via 

If you wish to join in on the conversation, go to (If you don't have this program on your computer, you will receive easy download instructions). 

Click on: Join-A-Meeting and type the following ID: 883-9875-6973 / PW: bdcall


All sessions will be in an open group forum. If you wish to maintain your anonymity, you may choose to enter a code name with or without your face or anything else that can personally identify you.  


We don't care who you are or what you stand for, or whether you are a racist or not, all we care about is your personal opinions regarding racism and prejudice and when and how your feeling came about.

We are not here to prejudge. We are here only to learn and understand. Our attempt here is to help each of us know why prejudice exists so that we may learn to understand, and, as a minimum, learn to tolerate each other so that we can all live our lives void of fear.  


Let me try and help you understand my interest in this: 


I am a retired (Black) U.S. Army Officer. During my twenty-plus years in the military, I command three different companies for a total of 39 months. During the remainder of my twenty-plus years, I worked in many different positions as a direct supervisor to thousands of people, and more than 66% plus were Caucasians.


During that time, I don't think there were more than a few racist situations direct at me, neither overtly nor covertly. However, I understand that as "the boss," I know that most people would have been far more reluctant to be overt or even covert in their actions toward me.


However, there were more than a few occasions where non-blacks have come to me and say that because of me, their feelings about blacks were changing.  

You may ask, "Why do we, "people of color" have to prove ourselves continually?" I will answer that question with another question. Do you, as a "person of color" naturally trust Caucasians" without first getting to know them! Generally speaking, no! That's just the way life is and will probably be throughout our lifetime, but perhaps we, you, and I can spare our sibling and their sibling from having to consider this thing call race, especially in the way we now do. We, as a nation of people and we all, deserve more!  

People, to no small extent, respond just like animals. Let me try and explain: 

I was walking through the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. I happened to walk into an area that had all the trappings of a German Stronghold for the KKK! Or perhaps more appropriately, the German Skin Heads! I was, needless to say, very concerned. I began looking around, hoping to find someone I could relate too. I happened to see a German soldier and approached him. I saluted him so that he would know that I was a soldier. In broken German, I asked him to direct me out of this area. He smiled and said yes, you should leave this area immediately and pointed me to safety.  

Point being: People by nature, first seek out those who are most like them. That's just the way life is. However, in many cases, once they get to know and like others, it often makes little difference what race they are.


I should also say this: 

I believe my success was because of the diversity of superiors, my peers and my subordinates. In other words, I attribute much of my success to all the beautiful, White, Black, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, German, and even a few others that I worked for, with and supervised.  

I often wondered why so many people with such diversity were able to stand by my side and work to accomplish anything that I requested of them. But now I wonder no longer. Now I know. It was because each of them knew that I cared about them in a way that they understood and, of course I was also competent leader. I am telling you this because, as the host of "Back Door Conversations With People Of Color," I have a great deal of experience that will help everyone better understand racial and cultural differences and become more tolerant of each other. What a wonderful world that would be!  


The question for you is this: Are you brave enough to face your racist and prejudicial feelings toward people of ALL colors! Yes! There are many Black racists as well. But by comparison, their racist attitude is pale in comparison to the tipical whites racist. 

We invite you to join our "Back Door Conversations With People Of Color!"


"the Colonel"

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.), 

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