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There is so much I can tell you about ActivePure Technology, so rather than try and do that I have decided to tell you nothing. Do your own research!

Once you done even just a little research your first reaction to what I am about to show you will cause you to ask yourself, "Why haven't I heard about this technology before? And if you have heard about this technology, your question will probably be, why didn't I take action immediately!"

We have an answer and a solution in both cases.

I have several 3-4 minute videos that are a "must-see." 

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Following are several short videos that I want you to watch. Please let me know your thoughts:    


2.20 Minutes (Bad Air Can Kill)


4.2 Minutes (Safe & Powerful Solution)


3.8 Minutes (Joe Urso)

3.25 Minutes

How does COVID - 19 Affect the Body


Following are a few more short videos, (about 3M ea) that will help you understand why we need your help, (copy and paste into your browser for viewing), prepare to be amazed! 

Approximately 3 Minutes each!




Mike Jackson (Vollara’s Fdr(12M) 




NOTE:  Based on past experience, especially the most recent past, most of you will want to own this technology and that’s a good thing and it can be purchased immediately at my company website @; however, I would prefer that you contact me directly because if you make your purchase at my company website I will be unable to offer you the 20% minimum discount that I have in-store for you! 

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PS: For those of you who have pets, you will be amaze at how fresh your home will smell after about 24 hours.  


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PS01: My son and I collectively own a total of 6 different streams of Business related income. We will walk you through which provides the most revenue in each case. We will also explain to you why we selected each of those businesses.
PS02:  For those of you who would like to "Give More To Your Local Church," we will show you one of the absolute best ways to do so, and you will never feel that it comes out of your pockets.  Yes!  Crazy!  But True!